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Book of Clouds
UCLA Art/Science Center Residency and Performance

Amy-Claire Huestis, magic lanterns
Jody Sperling , choreography/dance
Omar Zubair, sonic composition/video

24 hr. Duration:
March 16 // sunset, 7:01 pm - 7:11 pm -- (10 min)
March 17 // sunrise, 7:00 am - 7:20 am -- (20 min)
March 17 // solar noon, 1:00 pm - 1:40 pm -- (40 min)
March 17 // sunset, 5:43 pm - 7:03 pm -- (80 min)

This 24hr. durational performance marked Equilux in Los Angeles, and was the premiere of Book of Clouds. We three artists from New York, NY and Vancouver, BC came together using inventive light technologies, movement, and sonic composition to playfully sync to the surreal elements of sun, moon, human, cloud, bird, storm. This iteration of Book of Clouds inhabited various rhythms in time, and workshopped a time outside the clock-rhythm of a faster disorienting world.

What happens when we enter the space/time of a cloud?

The development of Book of Clouds is rooted in ritual experiential practices that involve keen listening and prolonged investigation of nature. On March 16 and 17th in Los Angeles, the sun rises at 7:02 am and sets at 7:02 pm -- an interval of exactly 12 hours. This is the Spring Equilux -- equal times of light and dark.

photos: John Sisley