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Video: With Omar Zubair in the studio, video diary, 2015. (videography: Zubair
image: Zubair/huestis).

There was a pearl,
and there were clouds and shapes
and figures in the pearl.

A pearl-like quality, the surface burnished and shining between light and dark -- this is treasured quality in Painting. While living in New York in 2015, I reduced my palette to white only, on reflective or black surfaces. This is a shadowy, pearlescent place, an interaction with the real light of the reflected and white surface.

These works were made through research with seeing tools, (black mirror, camera obscura, magic lantern, glass filters). Many friends came to sit in the pose of historic paintings.

All of these works focus on moments in historical paintings. They are studies of the baroque -- its shapes, its clouds, its gestures -- all mysteries in our collective memory.

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