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Omar Zubair (music) is a Pakistani American composer based in New York City. He has helped found composer collectives across the continent in order to promote radical empathy and empower active listening. He is engaged in the process of integrating a pan-cultural musical sensibility with his work, to peer deeply into foundational empathetic resonances. Until 2020, Omar was a member of the experimental theatre company, The Wooster Group. His work has been shown in the Pompidou Centre, Paris; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Disney Concert Hall, LA; World Stage Festival, Toronto; and National Theatre of Norway, Oslo.

Jody Sperling (dance-choreography) is New York City-based, and has created more than 45 works and pays particular attention in her practice to the Arctic and climate change. She is considered the world’s leading exponent of the style of early modern dancer and performance technologist Loïe Fuller (1862-1928). Sperling has expanded Fuller’s genre into the 21st century, deploying it in the context of contemporary and environmental performance forms. Currently, she is developing a performance practice called eco-kinetics that cultivates the relationship between the dancing body and the environment.

Rachel Harris (dance) listens to the energetic vivacity that inhabits and surrounds her in life and art. Originally from British Columbia, Rachel has collaborated, over her 30-year career in Montréal, with 30+ choreographers in the creation of 40+ works, touching a very diverse range of choreographic styles, performing around the world. Rachel also performs regularly on her great-grandparent’s farm in BC. Since 2010 she has been teaching movement workshops in women’s shelters as part of Dance Against Violence. Rachel is presently in creation with Benoît Lachambre, Aurélie Pedron and Thea Patterson.

Brigid Could (director)
brings together a choir of the BC Choral Federation Choir members for this performance project. Brigid trained and worked in England until coming to Canada in 1982. She has been directing Richmond Chorus since 1994, and in her hands the Chorus has grown both in numbers and musicianship. Currently she is Director of Music at St. Mary’s Kerrisdale Anglican Church, and she has also served on diocesan and national church committees. She still sings at Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, when she has time, sometimes leading the music at Compline services, and she has been a member of Canada’s award winning women’s choir, ELEKTRA.

Amy-Claire Huestis (artist) lives on the Fraser river estuary at Canoe Pass in Ladner near Hwlhits'um. In her experiential practice she suspends a state of wonder in relation to nature and its mysteries. Thinking through how we might develop kinship to other species, she makes work through ritual and deep attention to the landscape over time. Her work involves collaboration with artists and communities of scientists and conservationists. Her collaborations and partnerships have included North Pacific Cannery Museum, Aadmsteti: Stinging Nettle Net, Time Lapse Dance, Henry Andersen Elementary School, Birds Canada, UCLA Art/Science Center, and many beloved artists and individuals. Amy-Claire is full-time faculty at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.