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Rainbow's House of Song

Step through the round door
Golden, step through the round door into the house of song
Hear all the voices sing for you.
In Rainbow’s Story is a house
Golden is in Rainbow’s house
Step through the round door
Stoop down, bend and step through the round door
Here listen to the voices of the mountains and the creatures
hear them singing.
They are singing their heart language
in this house you may hear them
mountain heart language
raindrop language
tall grasses language
shorebirds language
heron language.
Insect language
spider language
flower, green reflection
Here is everyone, singing.
Who made this house?
who made Rainbow’s house, was it the Shadow Woman
was it the old crone who carried rainbows in her hands
was it the Cloud Maker?
Did the mountains make this house
did they imagine it into being
with their great soulful hearts?
Here is the place for the Golden Listener
Step through the round door
Hear these songs.


Moon Tattoo

Shadow woman tattoed
a moon on my closed eyelid
so I could see Rainbow’s story.

Golden, sit in your seashell and listen.

I see different kinds of gold
I have different kinds of listeners.
City gold, mountain gold,
liquid gold, sea gold, sun gold,
ancient gold, gold from a spring,
golden grasses, streams of gold.