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Sunset Song

Book of Clouds: Moments

June 7-10, 2017
Baryshnikov Arts Center, John Cage & Merce Cunningham Studio
Durational performance-installation.

Book of Clouds is a cyclical piece that is forming over time in relation to sky. It is a collaborative performance-installation with choreographer Jody Sperling and composer, sonic composer and video artist Omar Zubair. Collectively, we utilize experimental light technologies, movement, and sonic composition to expand our perception of time and space. Tapping the mysterious surface of nature through circling, spinning, and cycling, through ritual action and repetition the piece has become many-layered, rendering itself into pages and pieces.

In collaboration with Time Lapse Danse, New York. Choreographer/dancer, Jody Sperling, and dancer, Jenny Campbell. Images: Time Lapse Dance.


Circles and Moon

Stack of Clouds

End Sequence

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