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St. George's School Residency, Vancouver 2016
Homma Elementary School, Richmond 2018

Grove Piece:

Over 11 days, make a rotation around a golden tree,
(The Golden Center of Time).
Each day take one step to the right,
Draw what is in front of you.
Notice in particular the eyes of the trees.
Note the rhythm of the forest,
Note rhythms you hear and bird calls.

Transcribe this each day in white onto a silver scroll.
Transcribe this each day in white onto white paper.

Transcribe this each day onto the walls of the inner courtyard at Tomekichi Homma Elementary School over the same number of days, making the same rotation. Write a series of questions about time and the forest for the children. image 3_3_Grove Piece 2016.jpg image 3_5_Homma Elementary Mural 2018_2.jpg image 3_6_Homma Elementary Mural_3.jpg image 3_4_Homma Elementary Mural 2018.jpg