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A study of the grasses over time in the Fraser River Estuary

Grasses Piece:

Every day
Stand in the grasses
Crouch in them
Lie down
Study the filed of hay
Notice if the grasses are new
or old or dried
Listen to their grass language
in the wind
See how the birds are
with the grasses
Study their shape and structure

2017 - Present image 3_15_v3.jpg image 3_14_v3.jpg stands in the Marshland_30 x 22 inches_graphite on paper_2018.jpg Piece_mixed media on paper (detail)_2018_v3.jpg PIece_30 x 22 inches_graphite on paper_2018_v2.jpg Piece (detail)_paint and graphite on paper_2018_v2.jpg Piece (detail)_paint and graphite on paper_2018_1.jpg the Constant (detail) 30 x 22 inches_graphite on paper.jpg PIece _30 x 22 inches_paint on paper_2018_jpg_v2.jpg