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Ladner performance at Hwlhits'um

Following the MOTHLIKE/silvery-blue story cycle, every participant takes on the role, silvery-blue. Silvery-blue is the colour of the landscape—is the name of a butterfly; is an ecological ghost; is dispersed. Cloth artworks and flags are animated, danced, spoken and sung in the landscape. Participants move in dispersed and congregated elements.

September 10 - 24
Role: walk the dyke trails of the delta (individual walkers, some in a sound suits / with flags)

September 24 / Autumnal Equilux performance
Day and night are equal. Sun rises at 7:02 am and sets at 7:05 pm in Ladner, BC. Moon sets at 7:04 pm.

Performing artists and choir member roles
Omar: role that traverses (sonic element)
Rachel: role that traverses / ends at sunset
Jody: heraldic dancer that leads the procession
50 choir members: procession and sound spheres
6 - 10 young dancers: 4:30 - 6:30 pm, spinning roles
Audience: visitors to the site are given cards, "I walk her green edge softly back and forth."

Roles and schedule
-- Moonrise cohort (movement and sound): 5:23 am September 24th
-- Sunrise (movement and sound): 7:02 am September 24th
-- Walker in Sound Suit (Omar): traverses the trail throughout the day
-- Liquid at Sunset/ Moonset (Dancer, Rachel Harris): 6:54 pm
-- 6-10 Spinners (young dancers): as they wish throughout the day
-- Slow Reader (choir member): Anytime, for a one hour period, walk back and forth or sit and read the poetry cycle.
-- Sound Spheres (20 - 30 choir members): 5:00 - 6:00 pm
-- Rainbow Gate (2 choir members): 5:30 pm, moves to join procession
-- Procession with Jody Sperling (50 choir members, spinners, and dancer): 5:30 - 7:00 pm
-- Sunset/ Moonset: 7:02 - 7:05 End

Repeated action(s) activated at different times of day
Coinciding procession to these actions
Different cycles happen simultaneously