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Omar Zubair and I wrote an experimental score for Hwlhits’um (Brunswick Point) based on the MOTHLIKE/silvery-blue story cycle. On the Autumnal Equilux in 2022, we led a community performance there with dance and choir. The event began with Welcome Song. The choir sang the words, “ts’ekw’unshun kws qututhun,” granted this privilege by Cowichan Elder, Luschiim Arvid Charlie. Many of the contributors to the guided walk project, "walk quietly / ts'ekw'unshun kws qututhun," with their friends and families, carried flags in the sunset procession. Chief Jim Hornbrook welcomed everyone. This event was made in consultation with Hwlitsum First Nation and was curated and supported by the Richmond Art Gallery. Artists: Amy-Claire Huestis, Omar Zubair (sound), Rachel Harris (dance), Jody Sperling (dance), Brigid Coult (choir), BC Choral Federation, young dancers from Arts Umbrella (Twyla, Neela, and Ellen)