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"For the Ecological Ghosts" performance at Richmond Art Gallery on the unceded territory of x?m??k??y??m (Musqueam). Rachel Harris (dance), Omar Zubair (composer), Amy Huestis (costumes and installation), and a choir of family, friends, and folks from the BC Choral Federation perform for the opening the exhibition, MOTHLIKE/silvery-blue" at Richmond Art Gallery. Curated by Shaun Dacey and Zoe Chan. The audience surrounded us in the circular gallery, and what intimacy and magic happened as we honoured ecological ghosts of the mighty Fraser River Estuary: wolverine, screech owl, silvery-blue butterfly, and elk. (These are animals whose ecological presence is still felt, and live elsewhere, but live here no longer.) This is the work -- to pay attention to what is here, and what is not here. This performance concluded a two-week extended score for the summer solstice.