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Peter Robertson Gallery, Edmonton
Opening Reception: 2 - 4 pm, September 22

"Where the Rain Falls Without Falling"

A solo exhibition of Paintings, Drawings, and Word Pieces.

As daily ritual, I walk the path along the dyke in the Fraser River Delta, at a place called Brunswick Point. This little area of land -- recognized as globally important migratory bird habitat -- is shared by Canada’s largest coal terminal. Walking the path between paradise and environmental destruction, I'm making works through “deep listening” to nature – through careful observation of birds, grasses, moons and tides. Works made to erase boundaries between movement, creative writing, drawing, and painting.

My path

My path
is in the marshland
the estuary
the mount of the river
where I see a spirit
called Rainbow
and one called
Violet who
stretches her wing

And colours
the water surface
the clouds
everything --
where mountain profiles
tell stories
where ancients appear
in stones clouds grasses

Dig here and you will find
spirits people and voices --
this is the place
the Hole in the Sky
where clouds
visit the Earth
where the rain falls
without falling

This is the place
of sandpipers
of the cacophany
of snow geese killdeer
gulls blackbirds eagles
wrens owls herons --
put your ear to the ground
and hear their dancing

Here I fly also between
sea earth and sky


Glasgow International Art Festival 2018:

Bone Meal

Exhibition and Durational Performance at The Hidden Gardens
Part of Glasgow International 2018

20 April 2018 - 6 May 2018

Josée Aubin Ouellette, Jennifer Bailey, Suzanne Déry + Amy-Claire Huestis, Aideen Doran, Lauren Hall, Claire Shallcross

Bone Meal brings together six Glasgow-based artists and invited artists at The Hidden Gardens. Using performance and writing to develop sound and sculptural installations, our work engages with the living and life-supporting elements of the garden.

Used as a nutritional supplement and fertiliser, bone meal speaks to the bodily resonance and interconnectivity of materials in our cycles of production and reproduction.

The Hidden Gardens
25A Albert Drive

Supported by Glasgow International, Creative Scotland, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Canada House and the Cass Sculpture Foundation.


Notes: Letters to Photography, Issue #4

Launch: 27 April 2018
Street Level Photoworks

With collaborator Suzanne Dery, a photographic portfolio is published in Notes of our experiential practice.

Grasses Piece Peter Robertson Gallery Exhibition

Grasses Piece Peter Robertson Gallery Exhibition Piece_mixed media on paper (detail)_2018_v2.jpg
Durational Performance: Glasgow International Art Festival 2018

Durational Performance: Glasgow International Art Festival 2018
Notes Journal Publication Launch: April 27, Glasgow, Scotland