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Amy-Claire Huestis lives in Ladner, British Columbia, in the delta of the Fraser River. In her soulful works she suspends a state of wonder in relation to nature and its mysteries. These works erase boundaries between drawing, painting, movement, and creative writing. Alongside her solitary pieces made in the BC landscape, she often collaborates with international artists in residencies and performance pieces. In these she utilizes her own invented shadow-painted light media.

Her visionary work involves divining, ritual, and duration actions -- these in conscious participation in time and with elemental forces. Her current projects include “Book of Clouds,” a dance performance involving her light media, and “Rainbow’s Story”, a work of visual storytelling about the delta landscape and its colours.

Amy-Claire has done residencies in the Bothy Project in Scotland, in JMGray’s Cottage in Sechelt, British Columbia, and at the UCLA Art/Science Centre. Her performances include venues such as University Settlement in New York City, the UCLA Broad Art Centre, and the Baryshnikov Dance Centre in New York City. She teaches drawing and painting at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Her current work centres around her home in the marshland, living in a little house that floats up and down with the tides.

In her recent exhibition at Peter Robertson Gallery in Edmonton, she challenges us to believe in Painting as a spiritual rite.